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WiFi Sunset Lamp

Panamalar Sunset Lamp, another method to bring you the romantic life.

16 RGB Multiple Colors
The sunset lamp offers 16 Millions colors, a wide range of colors give you the unlimited light mode for different scenes. A coffee time with family under the sunset, a romantic rainbow projection for bedroom, a warm living room decor, bright party atmosphere, soft light for self-media or photograph...etc, the different light effect brings you different fantasy visual experience, add fun time in the life anytime.

Control by Smart App
Latest version sunset light with smart technology, it can be controlled by your smartphone, simply download the Smart Life App, add the device into App that you can easy to switch ON/OFF, color-changing, brightness adjustment on the Phone directly. Compared with the common sunset lamp on the market, ours will be more convenient, also bring a sense of intelligence in this modern life.

Alexa/Google Home Compatible
The WiFi sunset projection lamp supports voice control with Alexa and Google Home, allow you to send the voice command to Alexa or Google Home and enjoy a hands-free experience, just saying "Alexa, turn on the sunset lamp", “change the color to yellow”, “set the brightness to 50%”.

Timer Setting

The smart sunset lamp combined with timer setting function, the light will be turned ON/OFF automatically at a specific time, such as, turn off the night light projector at midnight after you fell asleep, turn on the rainbow lamp to wake you up in the morning.

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