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WiFi Alarm Door Sensor

Panamalar WiFi Door Window Sensor,keep you security around and peace of mind.

No Hard Wiring Needed
Included 2 pre-installed batteries with a pull tab, just pull off the tab to get ready to work.

Double Alarms

Built-in siren and smart features, you can get the alert in two ways, the sound alarm from the sensor and the message push on your phone. The notification function can be disabled on the app when you’re at home and the wifi door sensor will keep recording the history so that you can check it anytime, give you double 24/7 monitoring.

Low Battery Consumption

Battery life based on standard use, up to 16 months on usage, temperature and other factors. the APP will tell your the level of the sensor battery, no worry about out of battery.


1.Make sure that the wifi door sensor and your phone are in the same 2.4G wifi network when first pairing.
2. Download the APP, you can scan QR code or search the “Smart Life” APP in Google Play or App Store.
3. Register an account on the APP, add new device as "door sensor", the unit will be flashing rapidly, confirmed it is on the app, give it your wifi details and job done.

Smart Style

How to switch the light on automatically when you get home?
You can realize the function by creating a smart scene on Smart Life APP and you can DIY the scenes by adding condition and task. NOTE: Please sure that the device you want to Integrate can be added to the APP.


1.Material: ABS
2.Support Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 above
3.Size:99*40*19mm(Main) 40*12*14mm(Small)
4.Wifi: 2.4GHz, Range 45m
5.Battery: LR03-1.5V/AAA*2(Included)

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