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Panamalar Binoculars

Panamalar HD Binoculars

Ideal Magnification Power with Large Filed of View
The 10x power shows details perfectly but not too much to get shaking images. The FOV is 330 feet/1000 yards, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the nature world from far away.

Clear & Sharp Image
The BAK4 prism, FMC objective lens and eyepieces ensures clearer, sharper, more realistic image than those with old fashioned BK7 prisms and non-FMC lens.

Easy Focus
The focus adjustment could be done in just minutes after you read the steps on the user manual.

Convenient Eyecups

The eyecups could be twisted up or down, super convenient for glasses wearers and non glasses wearers.

Durable, Waterproof & Fogproof
The bak4 binoculars is fogproof and IPX5 waterproof. It’s meant to last for years to come.

Compact & Lightweight
Comes with a neck strap to hang the binoculars on you and a bag to carry it on your shoulders.

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